Imputation of the premium of the risk coverage policy


This imputation was carried out on 28/01/2020.

We remind you that this is a group policy, with an annual renewable coverage period and whose premium is paid by the Plan, with the amount paid into the Plan by the promoter (CaixaBank).

The imputed premium is calculated on the basis of the current salary and biometric variables of the active workforce and assimilated participants (early retirees and partial retirees) at 31 December of the previous year, as well as the conditions and technical bases of the policy.

For this year, the imputed premium has been broken down into two concepts, the first (and largest amount) consumes the financial-tax limit of contributions to Pension Plans, the second is exclusively informative (the sum of the two indicates the cost of the coverage premium) and does not consume the aforementioned contribution limits.

You can consult the Plan’s coverage for disability and death contingencies in the ‘Consultations’ section of the website.

Control Committee of the PC30 and the CaixaBank, S.A. Employment Pension Plan.

Barcelona, January 2020.