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Presentation of the Pension Plan


As an improvement on the public social welfare system, CaixaBank has set up a Pension Plan for all its employees. Employees join the plan automatically and it is fully financed by CaixaBank, so there is no cost to the employee. This plan offers a higher level of future income upon retirement and covers the risks of disability and death during the employee’s working life.

What is the CaixaBank S.A. Employment Pension Plan?

It is an Employment Plan that covers the contingencies of retirement, death and disability. For this reason, the availability of its funds is subject to the occurrence of any of these contingencies. The promoter of the Plan is CaixaBank and the participants are all its employees. It corresponds to the Mixed mode: with a defined contribution for the contingency of retirement that accumulates in the fund and with a benefit defined in the Plan Specifications, which can be found on CaixaBankNow, for the contingencies of death or disability.

General Information

The Pension Plan is attached to the fund PENSIONS CAIXA 30, FONS DE PENSIONS, with N.I.F. V62237201, which is registered in the Administrative Register of Pension Funds of the Ministry of Economy and Finance under number F0711 and in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, folio 40, volume 32510, of the General section, page number 210840, 1st inscription.

Depositary:CecaBank S.A., with registered office in Madrid (CP-28014), calle Alcalá 27.

Depositary: CecaBank S.A., with registered office in Madrid (CP-28014), calle Alcalá 27.

Insurer: VidaCaixa S.A.U. Insurance and Reinsurance. Pensions Caixa 30 and VidaCaixa are signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

Relevant Information and Operation

Financial regime

Financial system

The financial system used for all contingencies consists of the individual financial capitalisation of the savings contributions made by the promoter to the fund for each participant.


Contributions to this Plan may only be made by the Promoter of the Plan and only for the benefit of its employees.

If the contributions made at the end of the year exceed the annual limit set by law, the excess is placed in a supplementary policy. At the beginning of the following year, as far as possible, the excess amounts are transferred to the Pension Plan.

Pension contributions

Monthly contributions to the plan for the retirement benefit shall commence from the 25th month of the Participant’s employment relationship with the Promoter. They shall continue for as long as the participant remains a participant and until he/she reaches the age of 65. The amount of the contributions will be 8.5% of the monthly pensionable salary during months 25 to 120 of the employment relationship (additionally month 25 receives an extraordinary contribution equivalent to 8.5% of the annual pensionable salary) and 7.5% from month 121 onwards.

Contributions for risk (permanent incapacity/disability)

Contributions towards the annual premium for disability or death benefits, on the other hand, take effect from the date of commencement of the employment relationship.


By retirement

There is a wide range of possibilities for retirement benefits:

  • In the form of capital
  • In the form of an assured income
  • In the form of financial income
  • Combining any of the above

The form of payment of the Plan is freely chosen by the participant.

The amount of the participant’s retirement benefit shall be equal to the vested rights (accumulated fund) recognised by the Pension Plan at the time of receipt of the benefit.

By risk (permanent incapacity/disability)

The amount of death or disability benefits shall be as determined in the specifications of the Pension Plan, as follows:

  • Total permanent disability: The disabled person receives a monthly income.
  • Absolute permanent disability and severe disability: The disabled person receives a monthly income and a capital sum of €51,000.
  • Death: Beneficiaries: spouse and children under the age of 25 are entitled to a monthly annuity each, with a capital sum of €55,000 of unrestricted designation. In the event of accidental death, the capital sum is €100,000.

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