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Characteristics and objectives of CAIXA PENSIONS 30, F.P.

In January 2017, the Control Committee of Pensions Caixa 30, F.P. (PC30) approved a new definition of the Characteristics and Objectives set out in its Statement of Investment Policy Principles.


  • PC30, as a Pension Fund in which only the CaixaBank, S.A. Employment Pension Plan is integrated, has the fundamental mission of responding to the needs and objectives of its Participants and Beneficiaries as a whole in order to provide pensions that adequately complement those of the public system.
  • The achievement of these objectives must be done in a responsible and sustainable manner over time by all the agents involved (Control Committee, Sub-Committees, Management Company, Depositary and Consultants) in the running of the Pension Fund.

Investment Objective

  • The investment objective of the Pension Fund is to achieve an annual return (measured on an annualised basis over 5 years) in line with the 3-month Euribor + 2.75%.
  • The level of risk associated with this objective should be in the region of 10% (measured through annual volatility).
  • An annual volatility of 10% would equate to a risk profile of 4 on the CNMV scale, which measures risk in Investment Funds (ranging from 1 for funds with a lower risk profile to 7 for those at the opposite end of the scale).
  • This investment objective should be understood exclusively as a reference point for action, and under no circumstances should it be interpreted as a collective or individual commitment of participants and beneficiaries, whose rights and future development will ultimately also depend on their particular characteristics.
  • Failure to achieve this objective will not imply a breach of the Fund’s Investment Policy.

Strategic plan

Following the finalisation of the 2018-2020 strategic plan, we present the new 2021-2023 plan which aims to serve as a framework for the development of the PC30 over the next 3 years. As a novelty with respect to the previous strategic plan, this one introduces goals in order to materialise the plan into concrete actions.

The following factors have been taken into account in making the plan:

Competitive AdvantagesCaixaBankPension fund aspirations
Interviews with the main agentsOMERS
Priorities Plan 2018-2020CalPERS

Main updates

  • Focus on sustainability
  • Investment Partnership Sessions
  • Impact as the fundamental axis of the fund’s objectives
  • Progress and Development of aspects created in the previous plan
  • Communication plan

Strategic Pillars

  • Strengthen the service and proximity to our collective.
    • Strategic lines:
      • Promoting effective interaction with stakeholders
      • Digitise the resources available to our members
      • Collect frequently the opinion of our collective
    • Objectives:
      • Improving the satisfaction of our stakeholders
      • New Pension Fund website
  • To further the alignment of investments with the long term.
    • Strategic lines:
      • Reinforce the focus on achieving our long-term objectives.
      • Boosting the Life Cycle as a response to the differentiated needs of the stakeholders and beneficiaries.
      • Reinforcing the alignment of the investment process with our investment beliefs
      • Strengthening our monitoring framework
    • Objectives:
      • Achieving long-term objectives
      • Implementation of a Life Cycle
      • Designing a new monitoring framework
  • To deepen our commitment to sustainability
    • Strategic lines
      • Strengthen the effective implementation of sustainability in the purse
      • Incorporating new trends in the sustainability field
    • Objectives:
      • Strengthen the effective implementation of sustainability in the purse
      • Incorporating new trends in the sustainability field
      • Purse alignment with the ODS
      • Vote policy
  • To have the organisation and resources in place to keep the Fund at the forefront of the market.
    • Strategic lines:
      • Strengthening the training processes of our human team
      • Dispose an internal structure adapted to a demanding regulatory environment
      • Strengthening our position of influence in industry
    • Objectives:
      • Improve the training of our staff (Survey and feedback from members).
      • Outsourcing key functions IORP II
      • Independent advisor

Plan and Fund Regulations

You can find the Pension Plan Specifications and Pension Fund Operating Rules at:

  • TF9: People Now – My Portal – Work Here pays – Remuneration and Social Benefits and Occupational Pension Plan
  • Web CaixaBank Now: Thinking about the Future – Plans – CaixaBank Employment Plans – Other Procedures – Other information – Specifications – Fund Regulations