Control Commission


The Control Committee

The Control Committee is the body responsible for supervising the operation of the CaixaBank Employment Pension Plan and the CaixaBank Caixa 30 Pension Fund.

The Control Committee is made up of 15 members, 4 representing the Promoter (CaixaBank) and 11 representing participants and beneficiaries (who are appointed on the basis of the votes obtained in the last trade union elections, reaching a minimum of 5% of the votes). The Control Committee is ordinarily renewed every four years. Any member of the Control Committee may be replaced at any time by the group that appointed him/her.

Currently the agreed distribution of representatives of participants and beneficiaries is: SECB5, CCOO 4, UGT 2. The Presidency is held by SECB, the Vice-Presidency by CCOO and the Secretariat by the Promoter.

Organisational Structure

The organisational structure of the Plan and the Fund is composed as follows according to the tasks and objectives entrusted to its bodies:

  • Monitoring Committee: To supervise the proper functioning of the Plan and the Pension Fund, in accordance with its Specifications, Operating Rules and the Good Governance Manual.
  • Investment and Risk Sub-Committee (SIR): Ensure proper alignment of the investment process with the investment objective, risk budget, investment beliefs and sustainability policies of the Pension Fund.
  • Subcommittee on Good Governance (SBG): To ensure the proper organisation and decision-making of the Plan and the Pension Fund.
  • Operating Committee: Oversee the day-to-day activities of the Plan and the Fund.
  • Working Groups: To work on the different aspects entrusted by the Sub-Commissions with the aim of dynamising their development. These include the communication working group.


The estimated frequency of meetings will be 11 meetings per year (ordinary and extraordinary). The Control Committee shall be validly constituted when duly convened and attended by a simple majority of its members (present or represented), i.e. such attendance may be telematic (videoconference, teleconference).

Control Committee PC30 – CaixaBank Employment Pension Plan